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get to know me a little bit better today as i answer a bunch of questions y’all have been asking me on social media. if you have any more after this, be sure to comment below!


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: i am a bay area girl through and through. i went to college in socal, but moved back right after for a job opportunity. i love it here!


Q: How long have you been blogging?

A: i've had my blog since college, so A REALLY LONG TIME. i didn't start taking it too seriously until about a year and a half ago when i launched my new site. since then i've really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of having a website, creating content, networking and working with brands. it's been a huge hobby and learning experience.


Q: What’s a typical day in your life?

A: Firstly, there is no such thing as a typical day. It really depends. Monday through Friday I have work usually between 8-5ish. Some days I work out before work, some days after work. I also do a bit of personal training (yes, I used to be a personal trainer), so one day a week I train 2 clients from 6-7AM. When I get home from work & the gym, I make dinner & shower then get to the rest of my things. Writing blog posts, planning out posts for the coming days, emailing back and forth with brands & editing photos. Some nights I’ll watch some shows (will answer my favorite shows in a bit) or read a book (will answer that too).


Q: Who’s your current style icon?

A: I have a few. Right now the bloggers that give me the most inspiration are Rocky Barnes & Jamie Kidd.


Q: what is one trend you absolutely love and wish it never went away?

A: there are so many. platform sneakers, super bell bottoms, baseball tees, 90s style swimsuits, velcro sandals.... i can keep going.

Q: what would be your perfect day?

A: wake up & walk to coffee with my (imaginary) dog along the water. meet up with a friend to catch up over a workout. go to a spa and get massages & lounge by a pool or beach. head out to explore a beautiful town, shop & snack. go home and hop in to a tub with a glass of champagne and then get all dressed up for dinner. Head to dinner and maybe even enjoy some dancing. ahhh I think I may just be dreaming about my vacation coming up in a few weeks.

Q: what are your top love Languages

A: I loved reading about my love languages, what an eye opener when you’re dating someone much different than yourself! if you haven't taken the quiz, you totally should (here).
10   Quality Time
9    Acts of Service
7    Words of Affirmation
2    Physical Touch
2    Receiving Gifts


Q: what are your favorite shows?

A: in no particular order. Homeland, Stranger Things, Big Little Lies, Suits, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos, This Is Us, Handmaids Tale


Q: what are your favorite books?

A: fun fact, I usually only read non-fiction books. All of these books i've read and love.  Lean In, You are a badass, settle for more, modern romance, judgement detox, the subtle art of not giving a fuck, the sacred search,


Q: where are your favorite places to shop?

A: you may not believe this but i am a HUGE bargain hunter (thanks mom). TJmaxx, Marshalls, NordstromRack & outlet shops have been my go-to's for years! when i go the mall i always hit up anthropologie, bloomingdales, club monaco & nordstrom. i like to online shop a lot too, because i can always find a coupon code using honey. when i online shop i go to revolve, shopbop, planet blue, no rest for bridget, vici, forever21, reformation & tobi.


Q: what do you look for in a guy?

A: first thing i notice is height. i'm 5'9 and for some reason my eyes always lock with tall dudes. i LOVE a good sense of humor. someone who is extremely driven, super active, and really in to their family (hopefully wants one of their own someday). someone who likes that i have side projects i'm always working on, likes that i'm independent and loves to be with my girlfriends. someone adventurous and loves to travel is a huge plus. honesty and openness are another thing i really love.


Q: where's your dream vacation?

A: one day i want to go to the maldives. the water looks like absolute perfection.


Q: what's your favorite kind of food?

A: this is the hardest question of all. i think i'd have to go with mexican or mediterranean.


Q: what's your favorite sport?

A: i grew up playing soccer, volleyball, basketball and running track. now i mostly go to workout classes and lift weights. i do love watching football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and women's soccer!


Q: do you have any weird pet peeves?

A: i can't stand when people smack their food loudly when they eat. eeeeeek!!!!!!!

via Thea Flared Denim
via Thea Flared Denim
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via Thea Flared Denim