As I mentioned in my previous post, I am working on redecorating my San Francisco apartment. I pretty much go with lots of neutrals and spice things up with a ton of statement pieces. Right now, I am full-blown obsessed with bronze/gold/brass and I have found some seriously to die for pieces that I couldn't wait to share with you. Most of these pieces I have looked for for months and over time purchased, others are still on my "want" list and I am eyeballing them. Are you as obsessed as I am?


Bronze Bison Skull Mount:
This skull mount was one of my favorite purchases i've made since redecorating my space. It is SO me and I love that it is ceramic and not an actual skull.


Brass Candle:
I love my candle by The Wicked Boheme. It not only smells amazing, but it's beautiful and looks great right next to my bed. I also can't wait to repurpose it once the candle is out as a makeup brush holder.


Bronze Wall Shelf:
I bought this shelf and immediately put it to use. I use mine to store all my hair products, lotions, perfumes and face products. It is so cute and I get tons of compliments on it.


Brass Cactus Planter:
I have a cute marble coffee table that needed some character. What better than these copper planters?


Brass Peace Sign:
If you know me you know that I am all about good vibes. I have been eyeing this peace sign, and I am waiting patiently to get it. I have a rule with things on the pricier side. If you like it still after 2 months, then you can buy it.


Brass Inlay Cheese Platter:
I make one mean cheese plate. It's important when I'm entertaining I have a beautiful platter to serve my delicious food on. How cute is this one?


Jewelry Box:
This brass jewelry box is perfect for a bedside table. I love mine and also love how affordable it is.


Rose Brass and Marble Tray:

This classy tray is perfect to bring a little class and style to your boring coffee table. I love placing a nice candle on this as a centerpiece.


Gold Pineapple Jar:
How cute is this jar? Stop it! I can't help but lose it over how cute this is and how much personality it brings in to a space! This is perfect to add in your kitchen or on your favorite book shelf!