I always love having small products with me whether I'm traveling or just headed out for a full day. These products are my favorites and since there are SO many product out there I want to let you know why these ones are my go-to's.


Drybar- Money Maker- This is my favorite hairspray. I've been using this for about 2 years and I just love it. Some of the reasons I like it are a)the smell (people think I'm wearing a fresh perfume, even though it's just my hairspray) b) the fact that it isn't heavy, sticky and it doesn't leave any white flakes c) it's buildable, so you can keep adding over days and it won't look like you have tons of hairspray in your hair.


R+Co- Outer Space- This hairspray is great to take to an event or if you need your hair to stay! It is a little heavier than the Drybar one, but it has more of a hold. It would be the perfect thing to pack if you were going to be out dancing all night or taking a lot of photos!


Oribe- Thick Dry Finishing Spray- This stuff is perfect if you have thin hair and want to create a bit more volume and texture. I like taking this one on vacation, so I can keep beachy hair that doesnt look too frizzy. This product is great for messy beachy waves.


R+Co- Death Valley Dry Shampoo- This spray comes with me wherever I go. It's in my suitcase, my backpack and sometimes even my purse. It's the best dry shampoo I've ever tried. I love it because it doesn't leave tons of white residue on your hair, and similar to the Money Maker it is buildable over days and you can keep touching up!


OribeSplit End Seal- This product is great to use when you've just finished styling your hair and you either see a few dry ends OR you have fly aways. This product will hydrate those ends and also give you a really nice finish.


Oribe- Gold Lust Conditioner- This is the holy grail of conditioners. I have bleached hair on my ends, and I credit this conditioner to my hair still being healthy! I have been using this one for 2.5 years and have no interest in switching anytime soon. I used to have to use TONS of conditioner to make my hair feel smooth. This one the product goes a really long way, so even though it's on the pricier end I have saved money because I don't need to use very much at all.


Oribe- Gold Lust Hair Oil- This paired with the Oribe Conditioner are the two most hydrating products i've found on the market. This is another one I can't live without. I have tried so many hair oils and they either seem too oily, or that they don't hydrate enough. This one is the perfect mix!