Do you die or highlight your hair? If your answer to that question is yes, then this product is for you. During the summer months often times the sunshine oxidizes died hair color and makes it look not so fresh.


created a toner and treatment to keep your hair tone picture perfect. Whether you are blonde, red head or brunette; this product will keep your hair from getting super brassy looking or too "orangey".

I bought their

brightening trio

which comes with a purple shampoo, purple toner & conditioning treatment (& it's on sale). I just started using it and had to share, and no this isn't a sponsored post I just really like their stuff. The longer you keep in the purple the more toned down your color will be.

The coolest part about this product is that it is actually

clinically proven

to work. Yes, they did studies on hair oxidation and this product helped prevent it!

I suggest you use:

If you're any shade of blonde

If you're brunette and have blonde highlights or even caramel highlights

Red head and don't love the way the sun hits your color

Check out their insta: