I have a new regimen for my hair and I am seriously loving it. My hair is blonder than it's been in a while, therefore, I assume it will be more damaged due to the bleach. Well these new products I'm using are saving the day. 

To be honest, the real reason I wasn't using these products before was the price. They are on the higher range of price on the hair product spectrum. However, I feel like if you don't spend he money you will be spending a lot more down the line. 

Now that I use great product I only have to cut my hair every 5-6 months, when before I had to every 6-7 weeks. It's saving me money on haircuts, and also is allowing me to grow my hair out.

My favorite products at the moment are:
oribe : Beautiful color shampoo (here)
oribe : Gold lust transformitive masque (here)
oribe : Gold lust hair oil (here)
oribe : Split end sealer (here)
R&co : Death Valley dry shampoo (here)
thedrybar : Money maker hairspray (here)
thedrybar : 1" curling wand (here)

Step 1: Wash your hair with oribe beautiful color shampoo & rinse.
Step 2: Use a small amount of gold lust conditioner (mostly on ends of hair) and let it sit for 2-5 minutes. Rinse out with cold water as this will help seal in moisture. 
Step 3: Pump some hair oil and split end seal in to the Palm of your hand. Run these products through on damp or wet hair.
Step 4: Blowdry your hair.
Step 5: For a little bit of texture use the R&co dry shampoo throughout hair.
Step 6: Starting with the bottom section of your hair use your hair wand to curl. Move your way up (I like to curl away from the face). 
Step 7: Set your curls with money maker.

This is the routine that works best for me. I'm loving my hair and how healthy it is. Try these products out and see if they work as well you as they do me!