I read the article above and knew that I have been making changes over the last few months to save water. I thought I'd share the simple changes I've made. Some of them are so small you won't even have to change much.

1.Wash your hair less
Sounds gross right? Wrong! It's actually better for your hair to wash it less often. Washing your hair too often can result in a dry scalp, dry hair, color fading, and/or breakage. It also cuts your shower time and saves water!

2. Brushing your teeth without the faucet running
This is so simple. Wet your tooth brush then turn off the faucet. Turn it back on to rinse your mouth. Make sure to not leave it running! 

3. Face washing
Same as for brushing your teeth. Don't keep the water running when you're washing your face.

4. Save water when doing your dishes
Fill the sink and do all your dishes in the sink water. Once you're done washing all of them drain the sink and rinse the soap off quickly. Let them air dry in a drying rack instead of using the dishwasher.

5. Take shorter showers
I know they are warm and amazing, but keep them short. Wouldn't you rather have a short shower now than not being able to take a shower at all in a few years due to having no water? 

6. Only do your laundry if you NEED to
Jeans should be washed after wearing 3-8 times. Don't wash your clothes unless they are dirty! When it comes to towels, make sure to wash them less often (as you only use them when your body is clean, so they shouldn't be very dirty or need to be washed often).

7. If you want to be really hippie...
Reuse water. Left over water in your teapot? Pour it in your dogs water bowl! Extra ice in your cup? Water your plants with it! Whatever you can do, try it!