Yesterday Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In launched the campaign #leanintogether – celebrating men who lean in for equality.

The man I most want to celebrate is my dad Larry Nolan. He was the first person to play sports with me, try to braid my hair, the man who will always be there to help me move apartments, and will always be a sounding voice when I need advice (work, boys, building a business). Even though he probably hated me dragging him to see Spice world & to go shopping at the mall, I wasn't that fond of him when he dragged me to comic book conventions & bike races. As I grow older, I realize no matter what I was interested in whether it was "girly" or considered "tom boy" I had his support. Thanks Dad for making it feel easy for me to push for my dreams!

Share your story of the men who lean in to support you. #LeanInTogether.