Over the last few months, I have been reading a ton of books & articles written by successful women. Women who have grown smarter, stronger and more successful over the years. One commonality in all of these books is something quite hidden. Everyone mentions their trials and tribulations, but no one talks about those trials as often as they talk about all their successes. Who would want to read a book about someone who is always failing anyways?

Even the most glamorous women struggle with insecurities. The richest woman probably had money issues at some point. A happily married woman probably dealt with a bad breakup.  The most successful professional woman probably had a job that she hated.  The difference in women who achieve success and women who don't, is their ability to pick themselves up after they fall. The more independent someone is, or is able to become, the more likely they will succeed. The less you rely on others for your drive, happiness, & worth, the better off you are.

Take some time today to reflect, journal, or meditate. Try to remember your lowest of lows. Remember how you thought you wouldn't possibly be able to get out of that place?  Maybe you are in the middle of one of those slumps right now! Turn these situations in to your past, and try to dissect them. Grow from them, and learn from them. They make you a stronger person, and lead you towards success.