1. Eat delicious food that you can only get away with eating on vacation:
Food is a huge part of any culture. Americas "melting pot" culture gives us the chance to try delicious international foods at our fingertips. When traveling, it has been one of my favorite things to "eat like a local". Eating locally means totally switching up my routine. In Greece I filled up my breakfast plate with greek yogurt, dates, walnuts, local honey, and a cappuccino. Lunch was a big greek salad. Dinner consisted of a greek salad, a local dish, lots of wine, and baklava for dessert. Every trip I've taken I try something new.

2. Clear your mind from everyday BS:
Work stress, sitting in traffic, doing your laundry, saving up money, relationship or friendship drama, and doing the dishes are things most of us deal with daily. When you are on vacation you are allowed to temporarily forget about these (or put them to the back of your mind). Clearing your mind from the day to day stressors allows you to breathe and just simply be stress-free. Be in the moment.

3. Experience different cultures:
Are you American? Do you think America is the best country in the world? Cool! Where else have you been? It's truly important to experience different cultures before you form opinions on them. Meeting people with different lifestyles, perspectives, and beliefs helps us mold ourselves in to the person we want to become. By absorbing other cultures when traveling you learn and have experiences that you can bring in to my life back in the US.

4. Go off the grid:
It is a part of culture to be on email or a phone the majority of the day. Whether you are working, socializing, browsing, or reading up on gossip. It is actually quite hard to go "off the grid". It's hard to not want to post things, talk to friends, and occasionally answer emails when traveling. The problem with wanting to always be on the phone is that you are NOT present in the moment. When on vacation it is super important to be present. Sipping coffee in Italy people watching is much more enjoyable than it is sipping coffee looking down on your phone. Take your vacations on a whole other level and try to pull yourself away from technology.

5. Relax:
When you travel, it is the perfect time to just take some time to sit and chill. You have the choice to go to the spa, take a nap, or read. Do what you need to do to enjoy your travel. There's no need to be your usual busy self.

6. Excitement:
Planning a trip is exciting. You get to pick where you want to go, how you want to get there, what you want to see/do, where you want to eat, when you want to do whatever you choose to do. It's exciting to live life without your routine. Plan your trip and get excited for the experiences you are about to have. When you are finally there remember to pinch yourself and put your experiences in to perspective.

7. Bucket list:
If you were to die tomorrow would you be satisfied with the life you lived? It's scary to think about, but nothing is guaranteed. Look at your life, and start planning out all you want to achieve in the next few weeks, months, years, and lifetime.

8. Because you can:
We are so lucky to have the freedom to do what we want when we want. If you have paid vacation you should take advantage of it! Otherwise, in my opinion, you are working your life away.

9. Do what you want, when you want:
When you are on vacation, you are able to focus one one thing... having FUN. Take time to sleep in, go on walks, say no to things, say yes to things, and make every decision for your personal likings. If you are traveling with someone it's ok to let them know what kind of trip you want. I have gone on trips where I want to workout while my friend reads, or I want to go shopping when my friend wants to take a nap. If you are paying for the trip then be selfish with what you want to do while traveling.

10. Realize the world is bigger than your little life:
Travel will help you realize that this world is HUGE. Not everything revolves around you, your life, your little city, your state, or your country. The world is here for us to explore, so take the bull by the horns and go do that!