Squats are my hands down favorite exercise for more reasons than one. I want to share with you all the reasons you should consider squatting more:

1. Rounder butt: A butt that looks better in your Lululemon, your jeans, and naked!
2. Burn more calories doing squats than most exercises: Squats activate nearly all muscle groups and demands a whole lot from them to perform the exercise. (lift heavy to burn more)
3. Builds strength: In the quadriceps, core, back, hamstrings and calves.
4. Improved circulation: Squats increase blood flow, so say bye bye to cellulite!
5. Enhanced core strength: Abs are made in the kitchen, and while squatting. NOT by doing abs.
6. Improved flexibility: Helps range of motion.
7. Increased vertical jump: When you squat you extend your hips with power, which turns over in to your ability to create power in your vertical jump.
8. Bone density: You have "younger" bones and squats are better than calcium!
9. Knee injury prevention: A lot of people think squats are bad for your knees. WRONG, improper squats are bad for your knees. Squats help strengthen the muscles that stabilize your knee.
10. Posture: Doing a full squat while still maintaining the perfect posture will in turn help to correct your day to day posture.