Last week I realized one huge thing.

Hair is everything. Yes, I said it. 
Hear me out. 

Picture yourself leaving the hair salon with a really great cut and style. You know that feeling? Hair bouncing and you have a huge smile on your face. You love the way you feel. 

Now, picture yourself leaving the hair salon in tears. The stylist did not do what you asked, and you leave with a really bad cut. I know this feeling all too well. When I got an accidental bad haircut as a kid, I was often mistaken for a boy for a summer!

My friend got her hair cut last week, and hated it. She wore her hair in a pony tail this whole week. It was definitely something that could be fixed, but we once again realized "hair is everything". It doesn't mean you need long luscious hair. All hair is great short, brown, red, long, purple, medium length; just as long as it's what you want and feel comfortable with! 

Since I know the power a good hair style can have over my confidence, I started playing and styling with my hair. I look up styles on Pinterest, or in magazines and dedicate some time to get good at doing them. Here are my favorites for the summer.

You might look at these and think that they look way too complicated to do on yourself. If you practice, I promise you can get most of them down (if not all of them). Here are some styles I've been playing around with.

Think to yourself this week about trying something new, you might just get a new found confidence!