This 4th of July was different than previous. I wasn't in the country to celebrate. I am so used to extravagant over the top celebrations for the 4th. I didn't expect it to be a big day since I was in Turks & Caicos, but I was shocked to see how big the holiday was actually celebrated around the world! 

There were so many people dressed from head to toe in red white and blue. It wasn't only the Americans who were decked out. The reason? They love to be free. I asked a server at our restaurant and he said "we all rely on  America whether we like it or not". When I travel I really get to experience other cultures, but I also see how much our culture directly effects others. I am so proud to be American, we are so lucky to be free. 

Free to be whatever we want. Doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, accountants, farmers, and anything else you can wrap your head around. We are a team. We are free to make decisions and although there are laws and rules we are so lucky to decide for ourselves what type of life we want to live.

After this holiday of fireworks, booze, and bikinis take a second to reflect on what you want to make of your freedom. Do you want to travel, own a business, or move? You have the freedom to, so don't hold yourself back from it!