I'm leaving tonight for Turks & Caicos! I am so excited, but couldn't even think about packing until today! I will be blogging about my favorite essentials throughout my trip. My first few are some items I take to the beach.

A floppy hat, big sunglasses, short shorts, and a cute bikini! 
Bikini Season: The best part about vaca is lounging in a cute bikini. My favorite bikini right now is the Bliss bikini in Olive made by Kaohs here.
Summer Sunnies: I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't purchase expensive sunglasses until I didn't break my cheap ones for a year! It worked, and after saving up I splurged on these Oliver People sunnies!
Daisy Duke Denim: If Beyonce wears them, I want them. I am obsessed with One Teaspoon Demin, and these shorts are everything. They have the perfect balance of "worn in" yet not too trashy.
Floppy Hat: There is nothing more essential than a hat when lounging in the sun. My favorite hat this season is this hat "Gia" by Brixton.

Now start planning yourself a vacation...you totally deserve one!