I had an amazing conversation with my boss this week that made me look at my relationships a little different.

What do I spend my energy on, who do I spend my energy on, and is what I'm doing worth exhausting my energy stores?

Let me explain.
These circles demonstrate efficient ways to distribute your energy.

1. YOU- Most importantly you need to spend the most time and energy working on yourself. Whatever that means to you, it is your responsibility to make it happen. If you don't give yourself time and love, you will have a hard time giving it to others.

2. Your BFF's- These are the FEW people who you would do anything for, and they would do anything for you in return. What's sad is when you acutally do this exercise you might notice that not everyone you love and care for would drop everything for you. Don't waste your precious time or energy pleasing people who wouldn't do the same right back. These BFF's are people who would fly across the country if you needed them to.

3. Good Friends- We all have good friends who we care for, but wouldn't call our besties. These are people who you talk to weekly. They want to know how you are, and you want to know how they are. You aren't butt buddies, but you care for one another.

4. Friends- These are people you see and say hi to, but don't know all the deets of their lives. You are friends of friends or say hi at the gym.

5. Acquaintances- These are the people you sort of nod your head at. You know who one another are, but don't really chat much.

Now that you know what all these circles stand for it's your turn to learn who in your life belongs in which circle. This week I was feeling run down. My clients drain me. Some of them are "takers" and once I spoke to my boss I realized one BIG thing. These people don't actually care for me, they aren't my best friend. The energy I spend on them is essentially a waste if I am going above and beyond. True friendship is a two way street. You are the only one to blame when you feel run down. Start observing now, before your energy is run down like mine was last week. Your time and energy are extremely precious, so take care of yourself first and foremost.