Do you dream about taking a vacation? 

How about a nicer car? 

Do you want a better job?

Want to start your own business?

Whatever it is, you can make those dreams your reality. We are all dreamers, but little of us are doers. When you know your ideas are amazing, why keep them as notes in a book or just a silly dream? One thing I always say is "don't talk about it be about it". If you spend tons of time wondering "what if"...just imagine how much actual work you could get done building your dream in that time. 

I used to sit in my apartment and research everything I could about fitness. I would look at diets, and workouts. I wanted to do a competition for about 3 years. I have no clue why it took me 3 years to do, but after achieving that and pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone I learned one thjng. I become proud of myself when I do it. When I become proud I become confident, and I start doing more. The momentum keeps going and I begin risking more and achieving more. The cycle has led me to get my dream job, and start two side businesses. I also have been able to take more trips, because I was able to make more money than ever. It all started with a dream, and following it. 

I could go on for days, but the point I am trying to make is. Not only when it comes to work, but when it comes to every goal or dream you have. You need to make that goal a MUST. You need to do everything in your power to MAKE it happen. There are no if ands or butts when you put everything you have in to achieving your goals. 

The only person holding yourself back from your dreams are yourself. Life is too short to not see them through.