Is it hard for you to get motivated to hit the gym? Sometimes you need to try something new and exciting. Add a fitness class to your weekly routine for that extra push you need to maximize calorie burn and achieve your fitness goals.

My favorite SF classes:

SF Infinity: Of course I love Infinity. Lindsay and I designed our ladies only workout community to kick you in to shape while having fun. While jamming to awesome music we warm you up then begin with 15 Minutes of cardio, followed by 15 minutes strength, and we finish with a 15 Minute challenge. After the workout we have an event planned with a local business. We partner with a variety of fitness, wellness, and health related companies to share what SF has to offer. We highly encourage our workout crew to hangout outside of Infinity, so keep reading to see which class you want to try with your new infinigirl. Click here to sign up for one of our classes.

The Pad Yoga: I die for some yoga after a week of strength training. The Pad Studios is my favorite studio in SF. I love the bright and clean vibe, and the instructors know their shit. Seriously, I leave this place not even remembering what just happened to me. I am able to workout and relax. When else does that happen? Click here to see class schedule.

Barry's Bootcamp: Finally, an ass kicking workout. SF fitness peeps are hardcore, so it's about time we get more hardcore gyms. Barry's is opening up next week. The classes are designed for maximal calorie and fat burning. Expect 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. This place will also be equipt with an über healthy fuel bar to enjoy a post workout snack with your bestie. Click here to check out Barry's Bootcamp SF schedule.

BodyRok: Whenever I think Pilates, I think of not so fit girls flipping around on the floor expecting a six pack. Well this is NOTHING like what I expected. BodyRok is equipt with SPX reformers(what I see as normal reformers on crack), and some really fun instructors. I have never left a class that didn't involve weights shaking the way I was. It is super hard, but the best part about it is it's only 45 minutes. Don't worry it's plenty of time to get your butt and core work in. Sign up for a Pilates or spin class here.

SoulCycle: Ok I have to be real with you, SoulCycle is super Marina. Blonde skinny girls walking in and out all day long. Don't let it intimidate you! It is actually a really really fun workout with some even more fun music. Grab a friend and try it, because it's always better suffering with a gal pal by your side. They have tons of classes, so no excuses. Sign up here.

TRX: We are so lucky to be in such a fit city. TRX headquarters are based in SF. This means the best instructors and the toughest classes are just a short walk away from your front door. Try a TRX class for a total body workout. I love TRX classes, because you can steal moves and start adding them in to your gym routine! Check out the class schedule here.