When you have set a goal for yourself, make sure you see it through. Some goals aren't realistic, so here's some ways to set goals you will can can acheive
1. Make sure it is maintainable with your lifestyle. Once you know that, make it your routine. 
- example: you want to workout 6 days a week.
       -Can you schedule this every week? Look ahead, and do it!
       -On days where you see a conflict, can you wake up early or go to bed later to get it in?
       -Put this goal as a priority, and put it before events or gatherings if they aren't important. Go to the events after your workout.
-example: you want to change your eating habits.
       -Great! Now what? Saying it doesn't mean you've taken action. Are you going to pack your meals everyday? Start planning out your meals and make sure you are getting an adequate balance and variety of food in your plan. You can even plan your "treat" meals if you know a special occasion you want to not have a planned meal.
       -Seek help from a dietician to quit the guessing game. You need to make sure you don't mess up your metabolism with eating too much or too little. David is the best, feel free to email him dmg2140@tc.columbia.edu.
- example: losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks.
       - yes.. it's doable, but crash dieting can really mess up your metabolism. What's the point in working that hard, and not earn lasting results. You will gain it back in half the time it takes to come off.
2. Make sure it's realistic.
-example: I want to look like Kim K.
       -Kim K. is bangin, but she's also genetically built different than you and I. With proper weight training and nutrition you can definitely build an hour glass shape, but you can't change your bone structure. Darn, I am 5'9 and Caucasian, it's just not in the cards for me.
-example: losing weight for my girlfriends wedding.
       -yes, you want to look good in pictures. My advice is to start early. Don't wait for the two weeks before. Your body needs time to adapt and adjust to your new habits. 
       - Juice cleansing isn't going to last. You lost water weight and feel lighter, but that weight is coming right back if you don't change the way you eat after the cleanse.
3. Re-assuring success 
- example: tell your friends about your goal
         -Your friends need to understand why you are doing what you're doing. Telling them you're on a diet, they will most likely tell you that you don't need it. Telling them you need to feel better in your skin is a whole other story, and I'm sure they will support you. 
          -If your friends aren't supportive, and only support your bad habits (or encourage them) it's time to reassess your friends.
- example: reward yourself
         -when you reach your workout and nutrition goals spoil yourself with something. Workout clothes, cofee or tea, makeup, a massage, mani/pedi, hair products, or something else you enjoy.

I hope these tips help you reach your goals! They help me with mine :)