Ok, I killed myself today in a no equiptment outdoor workout. Today wasn't about lifing, it was about enjoying the SF sunshine and being creative with my training. I was having so much fun I really forgot how hard I was working until after I finished and had to lay in the grass for 10 minutes.

Try it out, or try out a portion of it!!!

Run to a hill nearby (I ran 1.5 miles to a park down the way)

Start at the bottom of the hill 
10 squats 
Sprint up the hill (about 100meters)
10 squat jumps
Run down the hill 
10 squats 
Run backwards up the hill
10 squat jumps 
Run down
Repeat 5 more times.. But interchange the squats(rd 1) with sit ups (rd 2) pushups (rd 3) lunges(rd 4) burpees (rd 5)

Then run to a flat area and complete 
10 inchworms 
20 walking lunges 
10 squat jumps for distance 
Complete 3 rounds

I then ran to another grassy area .5 miles away to drop my heart rate a bit and completed
10 squats 
20 side lunges(10 each leg)
30 leg raises
40 plank shoulder touches 
100 meter sprint 
Complete this circuit 5 times

I had 10 minutes to kill so I finished with 5 rounds 
10 squat jumps 
10 back lunges 
10 burpees
10 sit ups with a twist

I then jogged back.