This ones going to be long... 

My journey isn't a simple one, and if you want to know the deets here you go. I am going to be very candid about my fitness journey and what my next steps are going to be. 

To start, I have always been an athlete. I played numerous sports growing up and in high school played three varsity sports (volleyball, soccer, and track). I got recruited to run track in college, and I jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't until my freshmen season when I got injured that my real journey in fitness began. For the first time, nothing came easy. To clarify... When I was growing up practices were super hard, but I was just an overachiever and could push myself to crazy limits. That being said I could eat whatever I wanted. Chips, ice cream, pizza, burgers, etc. All of that ended in college. I noticed the freshman 15 turned in to the 20, and I needed to learn about proper nutrition.

I threw myself in to diet books (bad idea) and became obsessed with fitness. Now not as an athlete, but as a gym goer. I counted calories, and as I mentioned earlier I like to overachieve I made sure I did. I lost the freshman 20 and then some. I think I went a little overboard with numbers, and found myself thinking that I didn't even look fit I just looked skinny. At that point my journey took a different turn.

It isn't about being skinny, it's about being fit. I decided to strength train, and instead of calorie count I would make sure to get in my macros (protein, carbs, and fat). This is when I started my blog. I loved my workouts and clean eating. 

I then decided to step it up a notch and after a few years of clean eating I wanted to do one of the fitness competitions I was reading so much about. I was working two jobs, and training like a maniac. In preparation for my competition I cut out everything bad, worked out hours on end, and made it a priority to see results.. Which I did. I got 3rd place and felt great.

After the competition my years of meal prepping went out the door due to getting a great new job that serves food for free at work. After getting the job I maintained clean eating, but didn't weigh my food or care to anymore. I slowly started putting on weight, but didn't mind it because I was enjoying myself. Drinking on the weekends in moderation, and treating myself in moderation. For me it isn't that easy though, I'm not that lucky to just have it easy. I have to work my ass off day in and day out to get results I want.

After this trip I just got back from, I decided that I want to take my happiness back. I started last Wednesay and I am completing 9 weeks of a program. 9 weeks of meal prepping, intense workouts, no wine, no sugar, or junk. The reason is that I give a lot of myself to friends and clients everyday. I need to give myself back that same amount or even more. I want to be confident in my skin, just like everyone else strives to be. 

I am on a journey that just continues, but right now I am reeling it back in and doing it for me. If you are someone who needs an extra push, or a little motivation please look within yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to. If you need support on your journey I am here. I know I love having support on mine.

Now let's kick some major ass.