You know how people always talk about making sure you network, and to always make connections. They are talking about it for a reason. The reason most likely is that they have spent time networking & it's brought them some sort of success.

My personal opinion is you can't find true success until you network. Success, to me, isn't possible without recognizing all the steps it's taken you to reach it. No one builds a successful career without the help of others. 

What are my tips for you? 

- Get familiar with social media. Learn how to navigate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use these platforms to present yourself the way you would want someone who could be your future boss to see (less ranting and drunk pictures, more positivity and passion related posts).
- Connect online to people who you look up to or inspire you. Send them a note, and make the contact. The worse that can happen is they don't respond. On the other hand, they might want to connect and chat!
- Go to events, dinners, and hangout in areas you know have people that you are interested in talking to. You don't need I go to every single event every night of the week, but pick and choose the ones worth your while. DON'T just say hi and introduce yourself. You have to exchange information (Email, Phone, or Facebook), then follow up with them within 48 hours.
- Create a funky business card. People want to remember you, and if it's plain white they are less likely to remember your personality when they see it. 
- Be open to meeting new friends when you are at the gym, coffee shops, out at dinner. You never know who they know and who they can connect you to. 
- Go in to shops, businesses, and places you want to connect with. Send them an email asking for more info, and ask if they need help with anything. If you have aspecialty they might be looking for someone just like you.

Now, get out there! Don't be nervous. Success comes when you try, try really hard!