The more people I meet, the older I become, the more I realize how boundless my dreams are. People dream up creative things everyday. From interesting costume designs, entrepreneurial business plans, funny stories, or what the new "it" app might be. It's a little crazy to think about, right? 

Each of us own the power to turn our dreams in to something huge. Something beyond ourselves. Something that may one day change the world. The most mind boggling thing is... Many of us don't listen to our dreams. We doubt ourselves, quiet our thoughts, and go back to work at a job we may not even enjoy. 

The future truly belongs to the people who dream so hard and so big that there is no room for failing. They work on making their dreams come true until they succeed. That being said, they might fail a few times. They might fail more than a few times, their dreams might have to be edited or shifted. That's ok, because the beauty is in their thoughts. 

Your thoughts are so much more powerful when you BELIEVE in yourself and turn them in to actions. Take time to dream. Create your happy future.