I am completely guilty of packing things I don't need on vacations or trips. Sometimes it's fun to bring too much, but when you realize you bring a shirt that doesn't go with anything else in your suitcase it's a big NO NO. We don't want to be lugging around extra baggage through airports, on trains, and busses! 

I have recently gotten in to the habit of styling my outfits by photo. It seems like a lot of work, but to be honest it makes getting ready much easier! I know exactly what to pack, and exactly which jeans I want to wear with which sweater and what boots! 
Here are some of the outfits I'm bringing on my London trip! Notice that some are using the same items as previous photos (to make good use of what I can fit in my suitcase).

I will keep you updated on my trip, and also post outfit photos while I'm off exploring!