As I mentioned it isn't easy to eat clean on vacation, but if you prepare it's do-able! Enjoy your treats, but also eat mostly healthy. We went on a hike and tubing adventure for half the day to keep active!

Meal 1: egg whites with veggies, big fruit bowl, and coffee with soy and stevia 

2 hour hike

Meal 2: low carb dales bar with coconut water (fresh)

Meal 3: shrimp salad with olive, cucumber, tomato, onion, and lemon herb dressing 

90 minute massage

Meal 4: kale chips 

Meal 5: kind bar

Meal 6: ceviche

Meal 7: fresh fish and grilled veggies with a corn tortilla 
3 mango cocktails (mango, mint, rum, soda water)

I also drank water all day long!!