Sometimes it's hard for me to not compare myself to others.
I wish I had _______ (insert item)
She is skinnier 
He/she has it so easy
Why don't they have to workout
Why was I born like this and not that
I have to work way harder than them

It's so easy to compare yourself with others, and all it leads you to is frustration and disappointment. I have struggled with doing this my whole life. I never could wrap my head around why people are built differently, and why some people are better than others at certain things.

Yesterday was a rough one, I was chatting with my mom on a road trip and I sort of had a pity party for myself. She was there to listen and support and that's all I wanted (yeah I purposely asked her to not give me her thoughts, I just needed to vent). After I talked it out, I went home and on a long run.

I realized that I just need to continue being me. I like me. I like that I have I work harder than some other people I know, because the pay-off of all my hard work is worth it! Be you, and own it!