After spending the afternoon lecturing an 8th grade leadership class, I left feeling fulfilled. As I prepared for my lecture I knew what I wanted to talk about, and went in with nerves.
My nerves turned in to enthusiasm as I saw how interested the class became!

What we chatted about:
-What was I like in 8th grade, and why these kids should stay focused on the bigger picture (rather than drama & dating, find their passion and explore it)
-What I did in high school to get me to college (followed my passion and didn't focus on much other than friends, fun, and a lot of sports)
-How my passion grew during college and turned in to this blog. Which turned in to more and more opportunities for me.
- How working 7 days a week in college paid off (finally!!!!)
- Ignoring negative nay-Sayers and continuing to pursue YOUR goals.
- Network and educate yourself by being you.
- Don't be embarrassed of your strengths (own them)
- Have fun, and it pays off. You can love what you do and make a career out of it if you believe in yourself and work your butt off!

I had so much fun and hope to public speak more often!