Fat! Ugly! Tired! Stupid! Too old! Could lose some weight! Should really get a better job!

These are things that many of us tell ourselves when we look in the mirror. Well, I'm going to tell you I have a feeling you're right.

You are what you think you are. If you start believing in yourself and your abilities HUGE opportunities will come about. You may be an overall happier/more confident person, may be a better friend, may have the confidence to try something new. You will never know what's on the other side until you believe you can change.

Look in that mirror tonight and boost your own confidence. You don't need people to do it for you. If you have nice plump lips, own them! If you have curly hair, rock it! If you are super good with crunching numbers, don't be shy to tell people!

You are what you believe you are, and until you are ready to tell yourself you are AWESOME I won't believe you!