Happy Hump Day! It's Wednesday, and people call this day hump day when they hit the mid-week blues. The gym seems to have far less people coming in and people hit the snooze button. Let's beat the statistics and get our booties in the gym this hump day.

Thea's Hump Day Booty Workout:

Start with exercise A, followed immediately by exercise b. Then repeat circuit.

a)3x 15 Bridges (lifting hips off ground)
b)3x 12 glute kickback

a) 3x15 leg press (with feet at a narrow stance)
b) 30 second wall squat

a) 3x 15 reverse plie lunge
b)3x 15 pop squats

a) 3x15 swiss ball hamstring curl
b) 30 mountain climbers

I hope this works your booty, like it did mine.