I literally only spent a half a day here yesterday, in that short amount of time I did and saw so much!!!! I was so confused on my sleep schedule being crazy jet lagged, but decided to forget about the importance of sleep and suck it up for a night!
Last night, our first night, was a blast! I took a shuttle from our hotel down to where Sammie and her colleagues were and we met up for lunch (at 4pm!!!) we ate at a place called Wanted and we shared an amazing bottle of wine along with some pizza/ calamari. We then walked in to novelty shops (it was the groups last day in Rome, but my first so it worked out for all of us to shop). We bought prosecco and drank it on the street, I also got the most delicious gelato known to man! We walked and saw the huge fountain and made a wish (packed with people it was fun to see). We then walked to the Spanish steps, which were beautiful! We shopped some more (bought a fake Prada purse, he asked for 75 euros and I got him down to 20😃). We then had dinner! I know right, so much food!
We ordered a bottle of white and red wine, this was at a world class restaurant with tons of Food Awards! We saw this couple eating what looked like a half a cow, I'm not joking it was larger than any hunk of meat I've ever seen! We decided to share a hunk of our own! Literally HUGE, but there were 7 of us so we ordered it! We didn't even finish it between our group! The server loved us when we ordered it ($$$), one of the girls ordered a round of limonciello it was so sweet, tart, and sour (I didn't love it). Then... The server brought us another round on the house!!!!! After that he brought us some other Italian liqueur (I didn't drink it, it smelled horrific). Sammie's clients paid for the whole bill! That was nice!!!!!! They left this morning, and went out like kings and queens I was happy to be a part of it!

We woke up this morning had a cappuccino downstairs and are planning on going to the Vatican/ coliseum, and wherever else we wander to! It's raining today:(

I'll try to keep you all posted!