Yesterday we took the train to Florence. Once we arrived at our BEAUTIFUL hotel we wanted to enjoy and grab a small bite. We had a glass of wine with apps, two other twosomes (one from NYC, and one from South Dakota) were in the lounge as well. We all chatted and laughed. Sammie and I got along well with the folks from south Dakota. They bought us a glass of wine and we sat in the lounge laughing with the bar tender Reynaldo (we nick named him RayRay). We stayed at the hotel, as we watched some overspill from the river trickle in to the hotel floor (pretty crazy). The Arno river is really rushing right now! We then got ready for dinner and decided to go somewhere close. The couple from south Dakota knocked on our door and asked if we wanted to walk with them. We accepted.
We took a beautiful stroll along the river to dinner. We went to a pizzeria, which was awesome! We had local wine. Sammie had a pizza that was enough to feed a family, I had salmon that our hilarious server caught that morning!!!! It was so delicious! The lady had wild boar ravioli ( sounds crazy, it was tasty). The sever didn't know the name for boar so we watched him literally play charades, then he gave up and resorted to pictionary(this boar looked hilarious). We had laughs, and good conversation.
We came back to hang with RayRay, drink cappuccino's, and he spoiled us with free gelato (like we needed it).
This morning we woke up and walked down to breakfast where we had cappuccinos and more good food (see the trends here, I may gain 5lbs and I'm ok with that here). We watched the water rush as we ate, and now we are getting ready for a full day in Florence!