Wow! It's over, finally done preparing and competing in my first fitness competition with Kate Rice!! Working out hours a day everyday on top of all the other things going on in life is never easy for anyone, but hey I guess we really do make time for the things we want to do or accomplish.

Hours of cardio, lifting, cooking, cleaning, portioning payed off in the long run. Kate and I both looked amazing, and better yet FELT amazing this weekend! I honestly felt like a million bucks, and for the first time in my life shocked myself with the pride I felt! Nothing has ever challenged me so much mentally and physically than this competiton.

Kate and I had a BLAST, we were shell shocked when we got to the hotel and saw HUGE MEATHEAD BODYBUILDERS (reminded us of the commercial, "I pick things up and put them down"). Naked bodies spray tanning, people taking themselves too seriously, and LOTS of orange skin! We had a blast and just stepped on stage to show off all our hard work!
I placed third in my height class, and am still shocked. I didn't expect anything leading up to finals, and was sincerely amazed my name got called! Icing on the cake for me!

I couldn't have done any of this, followed through, or stay so strong without my family and friends support! It has meant more than the world to me and I feel so special!

Most people don't know much about competing, but to do it properly you need a great coaches guidance. I am lucky to have had to opportunity to learn and work with IFBB Pro MJ Cooke-Elliot! More than just a business woman, full time athletic director, a role model, a competitor, a coach, an entrepenuer, a sincerly KNOWLEDGEABLE mentor! Teaching me to do things the right way, a little differently, and guiding me the whole way through the process. I couldn't have picked a better coach, with better intentions. THANK YOU!

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and encourages me to push myself and learn everyday! I'm so thankful:) Also, remember life is about balance. VEGAN CUPCAKE'S ARE A MUST!