I created this workout to be extremely tiring so you get in your cardio and lifting at the same time! Double the work in half the time! Try out this workout and thank me later for your legs being jello;)

You are going to do groups of 3 exercises back to back without rest.

1. 3x12 leg curl
3x10 each leg walking lunge
1 minute jumping Jack
2. 3x10 ea leg glute kickback
3x10 ea leg curtsy lunge
1 minute burpee
3. 3x12 dumbbell deadlift
3x12 bridges or weighted hip thrust
3x12 pop squats
4. 3x12 walking side shuffle
3x10 ea leg 1 legged squat
3x1 minute cardio of choice (jump rope)

I hope this workout kicks your BUM like it did mine! Happy fit Friday everyone:)