I know tons of people look at the gym as a place for crazy people. Tons of machines and people looking like they are on hamster wheels. I go to the gym pretty frequently but I am aware that it isn't normal to feel comfortable there and it takes time to acclimate to the meat head infested floors.
A very important thing to remember is that everyone starts somewhere. No one just grows up to be built like a huge beefy body builder nor do girls get tight and toned by sitting around all day. They all start from square one. Not knowing what to do in the gym can be nerve-wrecking! BUT it can also be your window for opportunity! You can do WHATEVER you want!
Start off with things you do know how to use! Dumbbells are safe! Also machines with directions:) pick the muscle group you want to work and search workouts online or in a magazine. When you go to the gym you can find the machine and already be prepared to use it. Ask someone for help, they should be relatively friendly (just don't ask while they are in the middle of a set). Bring a friend, this automatically gives you confidence to try new things! Take a class, everyone is learning!
I want you all reading this to know that if you never take a chance you will always wonder what you could've looked like. When I was heavier I was too intimidated to try new things at the gym, I worried about people judging me. I sucked it up, laced my shoes up, turned my headphones on blast, and started working. Over time I got comfortable, and now even writing blog posts about it. I may be a fitness freak, but I never started out this way I just became comfortable trying new things
So now it's time, lace up your sneaks, blast your headphones, and go get fit:)