Ok I guess I am biased, but this dessert is by far my favorite. I wanted something sweet for the holidays and to be honest didn't want to feel the guilt that comes with it. I am not claiming this as guilt-free but dark chocolate almonds and dates are good for you! This is way healthier than all the other cakey frosted stuff around this holiday season! This quick and easy recipe can gift 6 bags of treats;)

Ziploc size bag of peanut butter morsels (about 2 c.)
Ziploc size bag of dark chocolate morsels (about 2 c.)
1 scoop or LARGE handful of dark chocolate pretzels ( or regular pretzels)
8 dates chopped
1 cup almonds chopped
1 cookie sheet
tin foil

1. Boil water in large bowl on stovetop 3/4 full.
2. In the large pot place smaller pot in (but not under water) and in that small bowl add peanut butter morsels. Stir until melted smooth.
3. On cookie sheet lay out tin foil.
4. Pour peanut butter on foil and spread evenly.
5. Layer 1/2 your mixture of crushed almonds, dates, and pretzels.
6. Wash out smaller bowl, add chocolate morsels and stir over larger pot of boiling water until smooth.
7. Pour melted dark chocolate on top of your sheet of goodness.
8. Add other 1/2 of mixture on top.
9. Let cool in fridge for 45 mins.
10. Break apart and bag up or serve!!

I just love Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmm