This blog is touching a pretty sensitive topic for many. Whether your friends/family are supportive of your habits is pretty reflective on their attitudes towards you. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes family and the people we love can bring on road blocks in the way of our goals without us knowing. Usually we think random people can bring us down, but what I realized is that the people closest to me whom are the people whose comments and actions towards me hit the hardest, Confused? Let me share a few stories to explain.
When I went on a journey to lose weight after gaining the freshman + sophomore 20(ish). I realized I needed to do this for me. I wasn't feeling confident, I didn't feel like I was living in a body I was proud of, or even comfortable in. It was time for me to make some BIG changes. This started with a overhaul on my pantry/fridge. I increased my workout durations to 1hour+ a day at least once sometimes twice a day. This unhappiness I felt, needed to end. I wanted to get my life back on track.
I changed the way I ate, worked out, and even socialized. I removed myself from situations where I became uncomfortable. I cut back on consuming alcohol, reduced stress by walking and yoga, as well as sleeping more. When people would invite me out and I didn't want to go (usually partying till 3am) I would simply decline. I never stopped seeing my friends, but would in return invite them for a cup of coffee, movie, or dinner at my house. I felt comfortable in these settings.
I began getting horrible responses to my new healthy lifestyle. People couldn't understand my reasoning with not going to Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, TGIFriday, and Saturday evening partying.
People started making snide comments to me when I did go out, "why don't you want to drink?" "It's only beer, like 100 calories". I remember being offended, because I didn't like that people couldn't understand that it wasn't about the calories. It was about the principle, making choices to help me reach my goals. My goal was to get my confidence back, and feel great. Drinking beer wasn't a priority at this time to me.
Some friends stopped calling.. Some we became closer. When friends or family hadn't seen me in a while, and saw me after my weight loss they all reacted different. Some positive, you look great! Some "What happened to your ass", some said, "what is your trick" I even had some people call me "bobble-head" "anorexic" "bulimic". All these responses definitely triggered emotions. I knew that I was the only one who knew my life. NO I wasn't anorexic or bulimic. I did lose a significant amount of weight (I also had salmonella -a food-born illness- which I lost weight from and was ill for almost a month) that being said no one took that in to account or cared. I felt bullied, but for once didn't take it too bad. I finally built the confidence I was searching for in my lifestyle and healthy habits. At this point no one knew my life but me.
My family (especially my mom) showed concern, they knew me as a skinny girl growing up. They also (in my surprise) didn't say anything to me when I gained so much weight freshman year ( fast food + alcohol), and showed more concern when I jumped on the health train. I had people trying to sabotage my ways, but once people realized I changed my lifestyle all the sudden I earned support.
Now everyone in my life knows the way I am. I love to eat good, cook, be active, and healthy. I try to stay positive throughout my journey, and help other people on theirs. I know I am not perfect and don't preach to be. I am trying to create habits which make me feel most energized and excited about life. I think I have found what works. Food doesn't rule me. I LOVE great foods, flavors, and spices. I just want whoever that is reading this (extremely long post) to know that whatever you want in life and whatever goals you set are made for you. Do not let people in your life suffocate that dream, stay positive and even if you have setbacks you can still persevere!
Don't let people bring you down!