Out of ideas at the gym? I know we all don't have time to weight train everyday, so doing one day of upper-body and one day of lower body plus a few days of other activity or cardio is a great place to start. Here is what I did at my lunch hour today, proving you too can make time for activity.

These are all light weight and higher repetitions. SO shoot for the last 2-5 repetitions to burn:)

1: 10 Dumbbell bicep hammer curls followed by 10 shoulder shrugs followed by 10 lateral raises followed by 10 tricep extensions.
2: (On a flat bench)10 Dumbbell flyes right into 10 dumbbell bench press close grip right in to 10 dumbbell bench press wide grip. REPEAT 2 MORE TIMES.
3: Lat pulldown 2sets 20reps
4: 10 bicep curls followed by 10 single arm tricep extensions (ON PULLY'S) 3 SETS TOTAL
5: 20 weighted crunches followed by 10 hanging leg raises 3 SETS TOTAL
6:15 minutes on stairmaster

This can be completed in about an hour! Quick and fat burning!