Do me a favor and just take a minute to think about the Title of this post. REALLY. Why did you click on it? Is it because you need new ways of motivating yourself, you are already super motivated and you want to hear more about it? Whatever your thoughts are, don't ignore them. Listen to every feeling you have and run with it. This right here, is where my motivation comes from.
Our thoughts can be our best friends and worst enemies. They can make a blue day turn around, or they can make a great day go sour. The way we perceive incidents/situations and deal with them changes our attitude which changes how easily we become motivated.
Once I began listening to my thoughts, whether good or bad is when I really became more motivated than ever. Not just motivated to be fit/healthy, but motivated to take life by the horns and run.
I haven't always been bubbly and positive. Heck, I know I still have LOTS to work on to be more positive! BUT I know I am listening to myself and working towards becoming a better person each day. Meaning some days I am still working even if it's a step backwards, usually that helps motivate me to propel forward more quickly.
I get motivated from many different things.
1. Tell Me I Can't- I am competitive, VERY competitive more-so with myself than anyone else. If someone tells me that something is too difficult or it is unattainable I tell them to watch me go get it.
2. Make A Wall Or Screen For Motivation- When I am working on a fitness goal, sometimes going to gym without a real goal can make workouts seem longer and more boring than ever. Something I found that helps me is to go online and search health and fitness magazine cover models before I go. I can mentally picture what I want to look like and that keeps me sweating. I have also found making a motivation board with pictures of people (ie. fitness models, celebrities, Victoria's Secret models, athletes, etc.) helps remind me how hard work can pay off.
3.Live Your Life For You- Sometimes looking for motivation isn't the answer. Looking within yourself can motivate you enough. Why do you want to do the things you want to. What's holding you back? That to me is motivation in itself.
4. Set Goals- If I have set goals, there is no way my mind won't think about them all the time. I know I will feel bad if I don't fulfill them, but if I do I will feel on top of the world. Reaching that end goal helps keep me motivated day in and day out. SET GOALS, and set attainable ones.
This is your life if you are not the person you want to be, then change it. You have the power.