Guys and gals, it's not too late to get to working on these body parts. Arms are more noticeable than we like to admit, AND they are my favorite to workout... I think I love to work them out because I see big improvements in both my arm strength, and the shape! Specifically to the ladies, PLEASE start working out your chest, I promise you will NOT bulk up! You will get better posture and have a more balanced figure. ALSO, it's summer time... can't forget those abdominals.

Today, I was having fun just messing around with different exercises at the gym, since it was empty (oh how I love Sunday afternoons!)

I did three tri-sets to work my chest, biceps, triceps.
-Perform tri-set changing exercise without rest, and after completing all exercises rest.
-Repeat that for a total of 3 sets,rest, then switch to the next tri-set.
- I am showing you the weight used, but REMEMBER this is just to gauge where I am at, make sure to start off light in order to keep proper form, prevent injury, and to get used to the movements.

3x12 Incline Dumbbell flys (20lb dumbbells)
Dumbbell Bicep curl (20lb dumbbells)
Dumbbell tricep extension (27.5 lb)

3x12 Dumbbell bench press (30lb dumbbells)
Barbell Bicep curl (40 lb barbell)
Bench dips with feet elevated on box

3x12 Pushups
Cable bicep curl (50lb)
Cable Tricep push-down (50lb)

3x 12 Hanging leg raises
Hanging knee tucks
Decline bench crunches
Toe touchers (with legs in air)

Today was more of a rest day cardio was nice and easy, I GOT TO WATCH FOOD NETWORK WHILE WALKING ON THE TREADMILL :)

Pace- 3.5
Time-45 minutes

Hope you work up a little sweat, and feel a pump in your arms:)