Yoga is a discipline I have been practicing for quite a while now. I have been going on and off for about 6 years or so and feel it is important for me to address my reasoning behind going, and why you should think about trying out a class. Yoga involves exercise, breathing, and meditation. Yoga helps with flexibility, with posture, it also stresses your muscles/tissues/ligaments to build strength. One misconception I believe many people have when starting yoga, is that they can do yoga a couple times a week and that's it for exercise. Cardiovascular exercise as well as resistance training should also be incorporated. I find yoga helps me stay "one" with my body, and helps me more with my mental health. Yoga continues to keep challenging my mind, no matter how often I have gone. I realize when I am going to yoga more often, that I am way less stressed and tense. I look at life more optimistically, and feel more confident in myself to achieve my goals. I can make this post incredibly long and go on for days expressing why you should do yoga, but I'm not going to. I challenge you to go to a yoga class this week. Try a simple Hatha or beginner yoga class, and keep your mind open to new things and try to really calm your thoughts. It will be a challenge, and almost frustrating at times but remember this is different than being good at sports or other recreational activities. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Fit tip:
Make a date out of it:
-I usually go Wednesday mornings with my friend Maggie, we get coffee after and we feel it starts off our mornings right!
-My parents go together Friday nights. After yoga they go out and pick up their favorite treat meal (Chinese food).