I think everyone I have ever spoken to has wanted to start something, and they go in to it full force. They are so motivated to succeed, that they don't look back. Day by day things begin to get a little harder, and you have to jump over some unpredicted obstacles. This is where many lose sight of their goal and lack motivation to keep pushing forward. Sometimes this can set us back, and for some this can REALLY set us back and we give up.
I see fitness/eating clean as a lifestyle. Of course it sounds amazing to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks, but is that always realistic? Beginning to feel amazing about yourself starts with simply being in touch with your body. Having a mind/body connection is EXTREMELY important. If you are in touch with yourself, which DOESN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT (takes lots of time alone with yourself and exploring your fears, doubts, insecurities, wants, needs, desires) you should be able to know when you need to turn your motivation up a notch or two.
I personally go up and down on a regular basis with motivation. I will be extremely motivated to reach a specific goal, say eating clean and not having a treat for two weeks (just to see if I can). I have done this before and failed, but what I have learned is to CHANGE the goal I had. Don't get rid of a goal, because you are disappointed you didn't reach it. Simply change it and continue trekking. In that specific situation I had my treat (wasn't listening to my mind body connection, as it was probably an emotional or stress treat) and I decided to go until the end of the week without another.
My treats are now planned, and I don't like setting myself up for failure with goals like these. NOW I simply try to stay on track with my goals, but if I slip up it's not a big deal because this is a life journey. One treat won't kill me. Numerous treats on a regular basis will.
Getting to the gym is another thing tough for many. Some people literally need to wake up and get it out of the way or else they will find other things to do, be too tired, or just get lazy. This is great to get it done in the am. I personally go after class or work. I have my gym bag packed so I can't go home and be comfortable. It works for me.
Some other tips for motivation is reading motivational articles. I like Oxygen magazine, M&F magazine, and Clean Eating Magazine. These keep me excited and eager to keep doing the things that make me feel good.
At the end of the day I am motivated to simply be happy. I am most happy when I am in touch with my emotions, body, my food, and always working to be better.
I hope this helps<3 Now, go do the things that make you feel great, I promise you will NEVER regret it.