I was in the car talking with my great friend Maggie today, and we started talking about clean eating. We both enjoy being active whether it be going to yoga, hiking, the gym, running, or even something as simple as walk. Both of us really enjoy cooking at the same time and send each other picture messages of our creations(she takes some BOMB pics). As we were hanging out and talking today, we began talking about how so many girls we know are on fad diets. I know I have ranted and blogged about this before, but the topic keeps coming up. Paleo, low-carb, no-carb, liquid, quick-trim, slim-fast, low-calorie, protein only, juice only.... etc. These are all portrayed by the media to the MASSES so we fall for their tricks and give them our $$$. The thing is they don't deserve it, and they are the people I blame for our society having body issues and disordered eating. It is time to stop asking around, wondering, and stop thinking you are making a healthier choice when ordering a salad at a fast food restaurant. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP. I lost weight ALL ON MY OWN. I am not going to sugar coat it (no pun intended), but it was FRIGGIN HARD! People gave me a hard time for not wanting to drink as often as they (oh wait they still do give me a hard time), people want you to eat what they are eating so they don't feel as guilty about eating it, people don't want you to be interested in different things, because they don't want you to stop hanging out with them. NEWSFLASH you will be a better person and more fun person to be around if you are happy and confident.
Take the time to go online and seriously RESEARCH the sh** out of living a healthier lifestyle. KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD IS COMING FROM. Shop locally, food tastes AMAZING fresh! Realize that a bean and cheese burrito is still bad for you even if its low in calories. (UNLESS YOU MADE IT AT HOME WITH A CORN OR WHOLE WHEAT TORTILLA, UNSALTED WHOLE BLACK OR PINTO BEANS, AND LOW FAT CHEESE). Also realize 100 calorie packs, are BAD for you the only difference is you are only eating 100 empty calories with no nutritional value rather than what would be in a bigger package. Some more things to educate yourself on is INGREDIENTS. If you can't pronounce what's in your food, do you think your body will recognize it and use it as fuel; doubt it! Time to stop making excuses for ourselves to eat bad and be unhappy.

Take your life in to your own hands, there aren't quick fixes. Time to educate yourself, and change your lifestyle.