On a daily basis I see people at the gym day in and day out, and I notice many tend to stick to one cardio machine. I also notice that even though they may spend up to an hour on that machine, I don't see their body change over time. I don't think enough people engage in HIIT training, so I for those of you who aren't familiar I am going to introduce the idea to you. HIIT training is sprint training- usually they last less than 20 minutes- HIIT workouts work the cardiovascular system and is a fat burning workout. I would suggest trying to incorporate HIIT training in your weekly workouts about 2-3 times a week AFTER weight training. On the bright side, it's a quicker workout and you'll be out of the gym in no time.

Some different HIIT workouts on the treadmill
5 min warm-up- 1 min level 9,1 min level 5 (for 20 mins)

3 – 5 minutes warm-up, 1 minute moderate or high intensity followed by 1 minute low intensity (repeat 6 - 8 times), 3– 5 minutes cool down
30 second brisk walk – 30 sec sprint (7x)

5 min warm-up – 1 min high intensity, 4 min recovery – 5 min cool down (4x)

Run 12 mph 30 sec – walk 2 min (7x)

3 min walk – 30 sec fast run – 1 min walk – 30 sec sprint (8x)

Sprint 30-40 sec – walk or jog 1 min (20 min)

20 minutes changing speed – 4 mph 60 sec – 8 mph 60 sec

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