Often times people ask me why I workout so much and eat so healthy. First thing I think is why do they choose to eat bad and not workout? The point is we are all different. I don't expect everyone to workout as often as I do, or eat the way I do. I get questioned a lot, so I decided to be open with everyone and explain myself. I love the feeling I get when I am eating healthy and working out regularly. I noticed, I don't feel very sluggish, people compliment me saying my hair looks shinier, and I look happier. For me, eating healthy and working out is just a part of my lifestyle.
That being said, I want to make it a point that not everyone has to eat or workout the way I do. I post tips and motivation just for the people interested. I know it doesn't come easy to a lot of people. BUT just think about it. I know a lot about these topics because 1. I grew up being an athlete 2. Both my parents are athletes (Dad is a world champion cyclist and my mom is a P.E. teacher) and 3. I am a Kinesiology major (I study this for fun).
I want everyone who reads my blog to know, you don't have to eat perfect and always be on a diet. Spend hours and hours in the gym everyday, that is not the point of this blog. Spend time working on you! For me, that is going to the gym, going on a walk, going to yoga, reading, etc. Just taking time to focus on your life is extremely important. I have found that many people (I used to be one of them) get lost in the business of life and what we think we are supposed to do; we lose ourselves in the process.
My tip: take your life back. Work on you, do things for you. You don't have to do most of the things you do each day. You don't have to go out as often as you do, your friends will understand. I think it's time we all get our health back, and change our lifestyles. Spend some time working on yourself; it feels great!!