I love love love reading non-fiction books. For those of you who are in to non-fiction here are my absolute favorites that I've read recently. Check them out!



Lean In:
This book changed the way I look at the world, specifically, myself and women in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg is not only an amazing leader, COO of Facebook, but a mother and an entrepreneur. She shines light on a lot of controversial conversations and really encourages women to find their voice. I bought a few copies and forced friends and family to read this one



I have shopped at NastyGal for quite a while, and have followed Sophia Amoruso on socail media for years. She is not your average fashion entrepreneur and her quirkyness has always attracted me to her business. Her book GIRLBOSS was so inspiring, because Sophia didn't come from money. She didn't have mom and dad write a check and make things happen for her. Her book is about her journey, and it's one that after reading I felt like I could make all my wildest dreams come true.


You Are A Badass:
This book was one I snagged at the airport heading out on vacation. A friend recommended it to me, because her and I have very similar interests. We are no B.S., we want to be happy & healthy, be inspired, centered, surrounded by great energy & great people. She was right, this book was right up my alley. I have a feeling this one will be one I go back to over and over.


Modern Romance:
I am a 27 year old woman who is single, lives in a big city & is dating. This book is not only hilarious, it is informative and extremely relevant to my life. Aziz brings a ton of humor to the writing of this book on how it is to date now-a-days, but since he partners up with a Harvard Researcher this stuff is actually legit. Check it out!



The Woman I Wanted To Be:
Diane Von Furstenberg is a fashion icon, and has been one for years. Her book not only shares a lot about her personal life, but showed how it all tied in to her business and her becoming who she is today. I wouldn't say this book is too relatable for me, but it really opened my eyes up to her world. The fur, penthouse living, Paris Fashion Week and all!!



Strong Looks Better Naked
Ok, I will admit it.. I love me some Khloe K. Especially after reading this book. This opened my eyes to what her life was like with Lamar and how her outlet became fitness. She is wise beyond her years and has some really awesome advice in this book. It was a fun read and I really enjoyed hearing her turn really negatives in to a huge positive.