Do you go to the gym regularly? What about yoga? Do you run everyday?

When you are setting fitness goals it is important to look at the big picture. What is going to make you reach those goals. I am going to give you a few examples of goals, and common misconceptions of what it takes to reach them. I hope these will help you assess your goals, and actually make strides towards achieving them without becoming stagnant.

Why aren't you seeing the results you want?

-  Do you want to lose weight, or fat?
  • Losing weight is easier than losing fat, because you can just cut calories and increase exercise. This doesn't mean you speed up your metabolism, it actually often results in the reverse. If you aren't feeding your muscles properly, you can slow down your metabolism.
  • Do all sorts of exercises (don't just stick to one). Running a lot will make you a better runner, yes. Running everyday won't make you more flexible, stronger, or balanced. Look at fitness like you do food. You need a little bit of everything to complete a balanced approach.
  • Nutrition is 75% of losing weight. You simply can't lose weight if you eat junk. Take a look at your diet, and start cleaning it up!
- Do you want to gain muscle?
  • Gaining weight, in the form of muscle is extremely tough. When gaining weight you hit plateau's just like you do when losing.
  • It's important to switch up your workout days. Your body becomes used to routine, and sometimes you need to shock your system. Do you always do legs on Monday, chest on Tuesday, etc., etc.? This week switch it up!
  • Just like switching up your workout days you should switch up reps, sets, and exercises. Do you always perform 4 sets of 8 reps? Try heavier weights, or 5 sets of 6, and also hit the muscle from a different angle (instead of lat pull-downs, try a reverse grip).
- Are you bored at the gym?
  • There isn't one way to reach your goal. Try new approaches to make sure things stay fun. Grab a friend and try a new class.
  • Buy a new magazine to find inspiration (Muscle & fitness, Oxygen, Runners World, Yoga Journal, etc.)
  • Download some new music to pump you up.
  • Switch up the order of your workout to keep you on your toes and thinking.
- Do you hate gyms, or can't afford one?
  • You can still reach your fitness goals! Time to do some research. What's around? 
  • Park workouts, run trails, hiking trails, meetup groups, cycling clubs, swim teams, etc.
  • Sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep yourself committed and engaged in this lifestyle. 
I hope you find some info in here that strikes you or inspires you. If you have any questions or need help finding your passion feel free to message me on Facebook!