Calling ALL Ladies!

This week is the launch of Infinity that my good friend, Lindsay Farrel, and I are starting.  We're super excited to bring together some of the most amazing women we’ve met in our local community ... all of you!  For many of you, our first interactions were through fitness and after getting to know you, we’ve taken away much more than that. 

Most of you live in San Francisco, one of the fittest cities in the U.S. where health and fitness is a large part of our lifestyle.  Even though we're surrounded by it every day, it's hard to keep up with that lifestyle unaccompanied and what better than accountability from your best girlfriends. This is what can pull you out of bed early on a Saturday morning regardless of how much wine you had the night before!  

We’re all members of this SF fitness community, and have the ability to thrive when feeling uplifted and supported.  As women, we deal with creating work life balance, relationship drama, financial stress, and body image issues (to name a few). Each one of our unique stories can be shared, and that is where we have the ability to empower one another to take on anything we set our minds to.

Many of you have brought up the idea to us about bringing together the people within this San Francisco community -- the people who we see everyday in the gym, or out and about in our neighborhoods.  Your feedback has helped us design Infinity, a high intensity outdoor workout followed by local "hangout" events to make new friends and get to know each other.  

Our launch date is Saturday, March 1st.  We'll be holding Infinity every Saturday from 10am - 12pm, including the workout at Fort Mason and event.   This weeks hangout will be at Thrive juice bar.

Look out for more detailed information in the next email!  In that next email, expect it from:

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