Lately I've been feeling inspired! My clients inspire me, the gym inspires me, new workout gear inspires me, and challenges inspire me. I decided to challenge myself to keeping things fun and creative.

I tried out some AWESOME workouts and wanted to share my AWESOME clients demonstrating them. Don't be afraid to do them, as most of my clients started as beginners! A Allstar athlete could be challenged just as must as a noob!

So push yourself, and try em' out!

Naomi demonstrating a total body TRX exercise 

Marc demonstrating a upper body plyo push-up exercise 

Cindy demonstrating a challenging upper body push-up combo 

Marc demonstrating a core super plank exercise 

Caity and Jenna demonstrating a treadmill cardio routine 

Cindy demonstrating a kettle bell core version of a Turkish getup 

Sara demonstrating a total body med ball get up

Marc demonstrating a leg day squat lunge combo 

Heather demonstrating a total body bosu walkout with squat jump 

Keep looking at my Instagram for new fun and challenging exercises! 


⬆️Caity getting her lift on, those shoulders and biceps are looking toned!!!!!