Are you coming off a weekend of junk food and drinks? Don't worry!! Life is about forgiving yourself and moving on, so time to dial in and make it a great week!
Motivation Monday to me means a great great workout, centering my goals for the week, and eating right! Today it's time to do you!

1. Get a workout in: Whether it be a run, a new group fitness class, a long walk, yoga, a bike ride, or even a weight lifting session.

2. What do you want to accomplish this week? Make a list! Start with workouts, then meals, then house work, then outside stuff, and finally work to:do's.

3. Get to cooking or prepping. Plan out what healthy meals you are going to ear, and prepare them! Do you have to have a meal out? Look at the menu online beforehand and choose!

Happy motivation Monday! Rock this week:)