Skinny St. Patty's Day Spritzer

It's time to party! You can definitely go out this St. Patrick's Day to have some drinks, and keep it low-cal. Why not have some people over and start it off by serving this delicious Skinny Spritzer. It is festive and delicious!


  • Green food coloring
  • 1 chilled 750ml bottle of dry white wine $
  • 1 liter chilled lime-flavored diet soda
  • Fresh Lime 
  1. Bring out wine glasses.

3. Slice lime.
  1. Pour lime flavored diet soda in to glass, fill half way.

  1. Place 1 drop of green food coloring into each glass.

  1. Divide 1 chilled 750ml bottle of dry white wine among glasses.
6. Add lime.

7. Serve! I liked to add some cute napkins to keep things extra Irish :)

Nutrition Facts:
TOTAL Calories: 605 Carbs: 20 Fat: 0 Sugar: 5 Fiber:0
Calories Per glass: 76 Carbs per glass: 2.5 Fat:0 Sugar:0.6 Fiber:0