We all love a quick and easy to grab snack when we are busy. The advertising agencies have done an amazing job of filling our magazines and gyms with photos of delicious looking chocolatey caramel goodness. Are these really going to make us more toned, lean, and strong?

When picking out a good protein bar I look at a few things:

1. Ingredients: If I can't pronounce it I shouldn't be eating it; it was most likely created in a science lab.
2. Grams of protein: If there are less than 15 grams of protein in the bar, I usually pass it up. It's not really that great of a source!
3. When it was made: If the bar has been sitting on a shelf for months/years I don't want it. I want fresh, and real food.
4. Sugar and saturated fats: If there is tons of sugar and saturated fats, you might as well grab a snickers bar pre or post workout.

So what do I do?

Check these out. This is the only bar I have found and been impressed with. It's raw, vegan, gluten free, paleo, fresh, and DELICIOUS! Dale's Raw Protein Bars are always stocked in my house!