I have always been envious of people who don't apologize for who they are. A few people I can think of own every decision they make, and I am working on building that quality.
This means I own my abilities and stay confident in them. I need to own up to my talents and be proud of them. I am a great worker, I am a good singer, I am a really good athlete, I am good at motivating people, and I have good style. Yep, I said it!
Also, I need to own my mistakes. When I mess up, have more to learn, flake, say something inappropriate, or can improve on something. All these things must me recognized in order for me to grow and learn from them.
When I eat junk, drink too much, or miss a workout I MUST own up to it. Instead f saying I shouldn't have eaten that, I am working on owning it. "Yes, I ate that cupcake and it was DAMN good!". Working on accepting these sorts of things and moving forward will make life much easier.
We can all learn from ourselves, and if we just own up to our actions!